Momentum 2017

17. 2. 2017

Momentum 2017

Time: 17. -- 19. 2. 2017
Venue: CB Archa Pardubice

Price: 500 Kč (číslo účtu: 325113257/2010)

You can sign up below until:  10.2. 2017

The Conference Fee is supposted to be sent to UKH account till 10.2.2017 or bring it with you as cash.

The new UKH Conference is behind the corner. Prepare yourself for Momentum 2017.

But some of you might ask “Why are there two Conferences in one year? When will we have the Student Leadership Training?” So, from now on the Conference will be in February and the Leadership Training in September. But don’t be afraid! This year, we will have the Leadership Training as part of the Conference. And we will have good seminars as well.

The topic is PRESENCE. God’s presence in our lives and at Universities and our presence in this world.