Our history

1990      The first missionaries arrived to Czechoslovakia:  Govert van Dam a  Sjaak Visser z Holandska.

1991      IFES helped to establish national movement — Vysokoškolské biblické hnutí is registred. Marek Kraus was the first GenSec.

1992 Beth Jones (USA), Rachel Savage (USA) and David Polendine (UK) join the team. They work with individual contacts. Petr Synak joined the team.

1993 Annette Jeffrey (USA) and Ralf Pfau (Germany) arrive

1994 Fred Průdek (USA) joins the team and stays on in the Czech Republic permanently

1995 the team works with individual students, primarily in Prague, Ostrava and Olomouc. Michala Michálková is one of the first group leaders

1996 Petr Synak is finishing as the GenSec. onathan Lamb made the decision to make two separate movements, and he established a board of Pavel Raus, Peter Synak and Fred Prudek to oversee the Czech VBH movement. The VBH Czech movement continued under the leadership of the board until 2002.

new groups are formed in Pardubice, Ústí nad Labem and at the Charles University Hus Faculty in Prague.

1997     Gwen Harmston, from England, and Amy Ryzi served on VBH staff.

1998     John Robertson, from N. Ireland, served on VBH staff.

2000 Michala Michálková is the first part-time Czech staff worker. Missionaries are leaving.

2002 We changed the name to UKH (Univerzitní křesťanské hnutí).  Aleš Čejka, was chosen as leader of VBH and a year later he became Gen Sec.

2003 new groups in Prague are started: the K-klub and a group at the University of New York in Prague. Training is put on for students

2005 a further Czech staff worker is added to the team, Tomáš Uher, and three missionaries: Gareth Morris, Andrew Farquhar and Peter Norris (all UK). The groups have 3-15 students. The first English Camp takes place!

2006 Julia Wardropper (UK) and Maria Hofmeister (Germany) join the team. Each college group runs an evangelistic event every semester. Andrew is leaving.

2007     Petr Norris is leaving. In UKH stays Gareth, Maria a Julia.

2008 the UKH takes 20 students to the IFES Evangelism Conference in Linz, Austria. A new group is founded at the Charles University Philosophical Faulty. Tomáš Uher becomes the movement’s new General Secretary. Julia and Maria are leaving. The first student mission trip to Slovenia takes place

2009 Craig Taylor, Jeremy Poyner and Linda Trevitt (all UK) arrive. Students join in various evangelistic events run by the UCCF in the UK for the first time

2011 the UKH’s first national conference is attended by 28 students; work begins afresh with the K-Klub, and with groups in Olomouc, Prague Suchdol, and the Charles University Agricultural Faculty; and Judith Beattie (Ireland), Nelleke Kruijimer (Holland) and Edwina Thorley (UK) have all joined the team

2012 Judith and Craig are leaving. Luke de Roemer and Joanna Poon joined the team. Eva Petržilková joined the team as an administrative worker.

2013 Luke de Roemer is leaving. Benjamin Smith joined the team. Nelleke Kruijmer moved to Olomouc. Clayton Ryan joined the team (in Olomouc). Jirka Král is a new czech volunteer.

2014 Benjamin Smith, Edwina Thorley, Joanna Poon and Jirka Král leave the team. Jan Lervag joined the team.

2016 you too can be part of this history in the Czech Republic!


2016     staň se součástí historie studentské služby v ČR ty!